Facebook apologies aren't enough. The whole Internet needs a privacy overhaul.

[Commentary] Our current privacy framework no longer works. While the hearings this month offered little in terms of solutions, they did put a spotlight on a problem that’s been glaringly obvious for years: Consumers have little control over their

Who paid for that political ad in your Facebook feed? It's not always easy to figure out

Who was trying to influence your vote in the midterm elections?

President Trump to host tech execs at White House

President Donald Trump, who has accused Google's search engine of being biased against conservatives, is planning to host a conference with executives of internet companies, said his senior economic adviser, Larry Kudlow.

Dear Jeff Sessions and conservatives, don't mess with Google, Facebook or Twitter

Google, Facebook, and Twitter have no incentive to inject bias in their platforms, because consumers across the political spectrum use social media and discriminating against any of them could drive people away. Consumers would be substantially wo