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Public Comments in the World of Massive Multiplayer Regulatory Proceedings

By the time the Federal Communications Commission’s ferociously controversial net neutrality draft Order was released on November 22, 2017, more than 22 million comments were submitted to the FCC through its new application programming interface (

Pai's Tranparency: File This One Under “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”

[Commentary] The Federal Communications Commission is expected to release its draft Network Neutrality Order on Wednesday, November 22—just before Thanksgiving.

Proposed Lifeline Reforms a Mixed Bag, Still Ignore Real Issues

[Commentary] Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai contends his proposed reforms to the Lifeline program will “more effectively and efficiently help close the digital divide by directing Lifeline funds to the areas where they are mos

Can We Prevent Another Net Neutrality Groundhog Day?

The near-instantaneous response by supporters and opponents of Federal Communications Commission Chairman Pai’s proposal to roll back the Open Internet Order highlights two points.

Make Economics at the FCC Great Again

[Commentary] In the years ahead, the Federal Communications Commission will likely have to employ more rigorous analysis to meet its statutory mandate to act in the public interest.

Piecemeal Lifeline Reform Efforts Unlikely to Fix Its High Costs

Lost among the outrage over the Federal Communications Commission’s largely inconsequential decision to revoke Lifeline Broadband Provider status from nine carriers is the problem of the program’s economic costs.

Is This Data’s One-Rate Moment?

[Commentary] The Holy Grail in cellular wireless broadband is a perfect substitute for fixed, wireline broadband.

Is it Fake News? Depends on Whether You’re Winning

The rash of fantastical, untrue stories circulating on social media during the 2016 presidential campaign yielded the phrase “fake news” along with attempts to tackle the problem.

Don’t Be Disappointed by the FCC’s Incentive Auction

[Commentary] After Stage 4 of the incentive auction, broadcasters asked for $10 billion to clear 84 MHz of spectrum—down from $86 billion to clear 126 MHz in Stage 1.

Ten Tech Policy Principles to Promote Innovation

This paper lists policies and principles we believe will promote innovation and allow the U.S. to maintain its technological leadership.