Tales of the Sausage Factory

Trump Keeps Us All Guessing On Telecom.

[Commentary] Usually in January, especially with a new Congress of new term, I like to try to do a “this year in telecom” preview. But this year I can’t.

Is Net Neutrality (And Everything Else) Not Dead Yet or Pining For the Fjords? Contemplating Trump’s Telecom Policy.

[Commentary] The election of Donald Trump has prompted great speculation over the direction of telecommunications policy in the near future. I have now been through two transitions where the party with the White House has controlled Congress.

The George Washington Pledge: “To Bigotry No Sanction, To Persecution No Assistance.”

“I pledge to give to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance. I pledge to work toward a world where everyone may sit under their own vine and fig tree, and there shall be none to make them afraid.

Are Police Jamming Cell Phones At Standing Rock Protest? The FCC Should Investigate.

[Commentary] Setting aside my personal feelings about democracy, freedom to peacefully protest, and how the Sioux concerns seem rather justified in light of the Alabama pipeline explosion, this has now raised an interesting communications issue th

FCC Tells You About Your Phone Transition — Y’all Might Want To Pay Attention.

I’ve been writing about the “shut down of the phone system” (and the shift to a new one) since 2012. The Federal Communications Commission adopted a final set of rules to govern how this process will work last July.

Cleveland and the Return Of Broadband Redlining.

[Commentary] I am the last person to deny anyone a good snarky gloat.

Can Obama Stop The Stalling On Clinton Appointees. Or: “It’s Raining Progressives, Hallelujah!”

[Commentary] As we end 2016, we have an unusually large number of vacancies in both the executive branch and the judiciary. As anyone not living under a rock knows, that’s no accident.

Farewell To AT&T’s Jim Cicconi.

It may seem odd for me to say, and meaning no offense to his replacement Bob Quinn, but I am sorry to see Jim Cicconi retire from AT&T at the end of August.

Update on Municipal Broadband Decision. The Fate of Pinetop, NC

[Commentary] Greenlight, the muni provider of Wilson (NC), took advantage of the Federal Communications Commission’s 2015 municipal broadband order and began offering gigabit broadband in Pinetop (NC), population 1400.

FCC Loses It’s Muni Broadband Test Case. What Comes Next?

[Commentary] While that seems obvious, we often miss it in policy debates. But it is rather important to keep in mind when reading Tennessee v. FCC.