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Biden administration asks Republicans to extend popular broadband discount program

President Joe Biden’s administration called on Republicans in Congress to extend funding for the Federal Communications Commission’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), a consumer broadband rebate program used by more than 23 million households. The the $14.2 billion ACP was signed into law in November 2021 and began accepting enrollments at the end of that year.

Broadband expansion alone is not enough to improve access to digital services

Federal broadband expansion efforts aim to ensure that every American household has a reliable and affordable internet connection in order to learn, work and access online services. But even with a fiber connection, many challenges still stand in the way of access to the internet and digital services. Some are unable to afford the necessary devices or internet services. Others lack a high-quality connection or digital literacy skills altogether.

Former FCC chairs urge Congress to fund next-generation 911

Nine former chairs of the Federal Communications Commission issued a letter to the US House and Senate leaders, urging Congress to make the nationwide transition to next-generation 911 a “top priority.” Experts say the new, internet-based system is a much-needed replacement to the aging, telephone-based emergency communications infrastructure that’s been used across the US for decades. The letter penned by former FCC officials follows similar correspondence sent to Congress in January by a coalition of nine national organizations—including the National Emerge