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Future of Broadband Competition in a 5G World

This paper explains how Mobile Network Operators (“MNOs”) are transforming their networks to meet the 5G challenge and the implications this transformation has for the structure of the cellular industry and broadband competition more generally. Am

Multisided Platforms and Antitrust Enforcement

Multisided platforms are ubiquitous in today’s economy. Although newspapers demonstrate that the platform business model is scarcely new, recent economic analysis has explored more deeply the manner of its operation.

Broadband to the Neighborhood: Digital Divides in Detroit

The results of a study of Internet (non)use in three neighborhoods of Detroit, Michigan. The findings of this study identify key digital divides within these neighborhoods, and illuminate a common pattern of Internet use in the city – what might b

Transatlantic Data Privacy

International flows of personal information are more significant than ever, but differences in transatlantic data privacy law imperil this data trade.

When Media Companies Insist They're Not Media Companies and Why It Matters for Communications Policy

A common position amongst online content providers/aggregators is their resistance to being characterized as media companies.