United Nations freedom of speech expert concerned about net neutrality

The United Nation’s freedom of speech expert said he was concerned about the ramifications of a decision in the United States to roll back net neutrality, since it could lead to small and independent voices being drowned out on the web.  David Kay

Alphabet's X sells new wireless internet tech to Indian state

Alphabet Inc’s X research division said that India’s Andhra Pradesh state government would buy its newly developed technology that has the potential to provide high-speed wireless internet to millions of people without laying cable.  Terms of the

AT&T begins testing high-speed internet over power lines

AT&T has started trials in Georgia state and a non-US location to deliver high-speed internet over power lines, marking its latest push to offer faster broadband service to more customers. “We think this product is eventually one that could ac

President Trump Signs Federal Ban on Kaspersky Lab Software

President Donald Trump signed into law on Dec 12 legislation that bans the use of Kaspersky Lab within the US government, capping a months-long effort to purge the Moscow-based antivirus firm from federal agencies amid concerns it was vulnerable t

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai blasted everyone from Cher to Twitter for opposing his efforts to repeal net neutrality rules

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai thinks everyone from Cher to Twitter has it wrong when they say that his efforts to roll back the US government’s existing network neutrality rules will spell the death of the web. Instead, Chair

EU agrees to end country-specific limits for online retailers

The European Union has agreed a plan obliging online retailers operating in the bloc to make electrical goods, concert tickets or car rental available to all EU consumers regardless of where they live.