Net neutrality officially dies any day now. It may get a second life.

Network neutrality is dead. The rules governing today’s internet, known as the 2015 Open Internet Order, will be lifted any day now.

Forget fixing NAFTA. Give rural Americans broadband internet and clean water

US negotiators will push for a series of protectionist measures at negotiations over the North American Free Trade Agreement the week of Feb 26. The Rust Belt needs a better connection to the rest of the world. To make it in the digital economy, t

What inclusivity really means, from the woman who held the highest tech job in America

A Q&A with former US Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith. 

Statehouses are the new arena in the battle for net neutrality

A consortium of public interest groups including Free Press report that at least 14 states have signed or introduced orders and bills seeking to enforce network neutrality, while seven states are considering them.