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Statistical Negligence in Title II Impact Analysis

Recently a new study seeking to rebut the Federal Communications Commission’s conclusion on investment was made public. The author of the study is Christopher Hooton, Chief Economist of the Internet Association (a proponent of Title II regulation)

A Fresh Look at the Lifeline Program

In an effort to expand the use of telecommunications services by low-income Americans, the Federal Communications Commission’s Lifeline program offers subsidies to qualifying low-income households.

Quantifying the Overstatement in Broadband Availability from the Form 477 Data: An Econometric Approach

Broadband availability data is collected from broadband providers at the census block level, which is the smallest geographic unit used by the Census Bureau for data tabulation. In collecting and reporting these data, it is assumed that if a singl

The Rewards of Municipal Broadband: An Econometric Analysis of the Labor Market

The first statistical evidence on the effects on labor market outcomes of municipal broadband systems.

Rhetoric Aside: What the Data Actually Say About Broadband Deployment

Looking at the Federal Communications Commission’s Form 477 data from 2015 and 2016, three empirical facts emerge: