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Gigi Sohn one of thought leaders laying the groundwork for future policy change

Throughout her 30 years in telecommunications and technology policy, Gigi Sohn has worn many hats—a telecom lawyer, a progressive advocate, a top aide at the Federal Communications Commission, an academic.

Privacy Groups Disturbed by California Governor’s Data-Dividend Plan

Gov Gavin Newsom (D-CA) may have thought he was throwing privacy advocates a bone when he proposed the creation of a “data dividend” during his state of the state address. The notion that Facebook, Google, and other tech platforms should return a

How Republicans Flip-Flopped on Government-Run Internet

Government-run Internet service is an abomination, a waste of taxpayer funds, and an assault on private industry. And if states want to ban it, the federal government should get out of their way.

Cable Companies: Google Threatens Net Neutrality, Not Us

The real threat to online freedom is from Internet giants like Google and Netflix, according to major cable companies. Those sites could block access to popular content and extort tolls out of Internet service providers, the cable companies warn.

Sen Rockefeller Wants to Revolutionize How You Watch TV

Sen Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) is getting ready to settle into retirement. But before he does, he'd like to upend the entire television industry.

Why The NSA Keeps Tracking People Even After They're Dead

You may be dead, but the United States government won't take you off its terrorist roster.

FCC Blames Net Neutrality Glitch On Budget Woes

The Federal Communications Commission is blaming a lack of funding from Congress after its website crashed due to an onslaught of outraged comments on network neutrality.

In Net Neutrality Push, Democrats Aim to Make the Internet a Utility

Several lawmakers want to apply utility-style regulations to Internet service providers. Sen Ed Markey (D-MA) collected signatures for a letter urging the Federal Communications Commission to regulate the Internet like the telephone system.

Snowden Undermines Presidential Panel’s Defense of NSA Spying

Just when the National Security Agency looked as though it had finally scored a victory for its maligned surveillance programs, Edward Snowden again crashed the party.