National Digital Inclusion Alliance

Why Smart Communities Need Digital Inclusion

NDIA reviews what the term smart communities entail and how local government leaders are cementing divides if they fail to include strategies for digital inclusion and digital equity in their smart community plans.

Broadband Research Base

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance and the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program have partnered to create the Broadband Research Base, a searchable collection of reports, studies and journal articles that address the impact of b

NDIA, CWA, Public Knowledge file brief in case vs. FCC’s 5G preemption

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance has joined with the Communications Workers of America and Public Knowledge to submit a “friend of the Court” brief in a lawsuit seeking to overturn a Federal Communications Commission order that preempts mun

Smart Cities and Digital Equity

Cities across the US are trying to become “smart cities,” as they invest in digital technologies to help monitor the environment, enhance mobility, and improve the delivery of municipal services. An examination of several cities which have sought

FCC broadband report ignores affordability issue

There are several serious problems with the Federal Communications Commission's 2019 Broadband Deployment Report, but here’s the one we’re most concerned about: The FCC majority has chosen, once again, to ignore the critical issues of broadband

NDIA launches new, dedicated website for the Digital Equity Act of 2019

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance is launching a new, dedicated website for the Digital Equity Act of 2019. The new site features:

FCC Commissioner Starks’ Digital Inclusion Visits

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance is proud to have facilitated digital inclusion visits for newly appointed Federal Communications Commissioner Geoffrey Starks.

2019 Charles Benton Digital Equity Champion Award

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance is looking for nominations for the fourth annual Charles Benton Digital Equity Champion Award. This year, we are excited to announce that not only one award will be presented, but two.

Home Internet Maps: 2017 American Community Survey 5 Year Estimates

A series of interactive maps to visualize home internet access, covering more than 65,000 occupied Census tracts in the fifty states and the District of Columbia. On the base maps, NDIA calculated and mapped two crucial data points from census dat