National Digital Inclusion Alliance

FCC Commissioner Starks’ Digital Inclusion Visits

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance is proud to have facilitated digital inclusion visits for newly appointed Federal Communications Commissioner Geoffrey Starks.

2019 Charles Benton Digital Equity Champion Award

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance is looking for nominations for the fourth annual Charles Benton Digital Equity Champion Award. This year, we are excited to announce that not only one award will be presented, but two.

Home Internet Maps: 2017 American Community Survey 5 Year Estimates

A series of interactive maps to visualize home internet access, covering more than 65,000 occupied Census tracts in the fifty states and the District of Columbia. On the base maps, NDIA calculated and mapped two crucial data points from census dat

NDIA to Office of the Comptroller of the Currency: Let banks seek CRA credit for digital inclusion support

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance has asked the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (“OCC”), the US Treasury Department agency which serves as the Federal regulator for many of the nation’s banks, to allow those banks to seek Community

Worst Connected Cities 2017

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance has released its fourth annual “Worst Connected Cities” ranking, based on US Census American Community Survey (ACS) data for 2017, which was released in Sept 2018 by the US Census Bureau.

Discount Internet Guidebook

This guidebook has a twofold purpose.

NDIA to FCC: “Closing digital divide” means your annual broadband report should look at affordability, digital redlining

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA) has called on the Federal Communications Commission to prove its commitment to “closing the digital divide” by adding home broadband affordability, the broadband adoption rates of low income household

NDIA urges USDA rural broadband program to push for affordability

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA) has submitted comments to the US Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service (RUS), urging the agency to treat affordability for lower-income rural residents as a key factor in implementing it

Tier Flattening: AT&T and Verizon Home Customers Pay a High Price for Slow Internet

In recent years AT&T and Verizon have eliminated their cheaper rate tiers for low and mid-speed Internet access, except at the very slowest levels.

Worst Connected Cities 2016

Using data from the 2016 American Community Survey (ACS), released in September 2017 by the US Census Bureau, the National Digital Inclusion Alliance ranked all 185 US cities with more than 50,000 households by the total percentage of each city’s