Lack of broadband access adds to challenges for school districts in Greater Minnesota

Students in the Blue Earth (MN) Area Schools district are staying connected with their school communities through a spirit week challenge posted on the district’s Facebook page that’s already been shared 80 times. When it comes to ensuring equitab

Why even the most ambitious broadband bill at the Minnesota Legislature still won’t bring speedy internet to all Minnesotans

A group of Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party (DFL) and Republican lawmakers are pushing to narrow MN's broadband gap by injecting $70 million over the next two years into a grant program for internet projects.

How broadband helped a small town in Greater Minnesota land a high-tech business

In 2015, Gibbon (MN) joined nine other cities and 17 townships in creating a cooperative that promised to bring broadband Internet access to 6,200 residents across both Renville and Sibley counties.

'If it were easy it would have been done by now': Why high-speed internet remains elusive for many in rural Minnesota

In most of the Twin Cities, where about 60 percent of Minnesotans live, the internet is oxygen — at once ubiquitous and unnoticed.

What Comcast-Charter switch means for subscribers, and why fiber is stymied

[Commentary] Should Comcast's proposed acquisition of Time Warner and subsequent spin-off of its Minnesota customers into a new entity managed by Charter Communications be approved, local customers face a lot of unknowns.

New owner Glen Taylor: less liberal Star Tribune ahead

A Q&A with new Star Tribune owner Glen Taylor to talk about the purchase.

Sens Franken, Klobuchar have questions for Comcast-Time Warner

Both Minnesota senators say they have questions for Comcast and Time Warner before the two media giants are allowed to merge.