Internet Society

Guide to Federal Broadband Funding Opportunities in the US

This guide offers an overview of federal funding options that could provide financial support to Tribal, state, and local governments and utilities in their efforts to expand broadband infrastructure. Varying dramatically in size, these funding opportunities target a wide variety of deployment scenarios and end users. The programs encompass infrastructure buildout, service subsidies, and technical planning assistance. This guide provides information on a range of funding opportunities—most of which are currently open, but some of which may be awaiting future funding.

Truist EPIC Grant

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the importance of broadband Internet connectivity into focus as work, school, healthcare, and more shift online. Internet connectivity is more important than ever in keeping our lives moving. The $1 million Expanding Potential in Communities (EPIC) Grant program supports broadband initiatives in the southeastern United States, funded by Truist Financial Corporation’s Truist Cares initiative, a $50 million philanthropic pledge to help rebuild communities in the company’s markets affected by COVID-19.

2019 Internet Hall of Fame Inuctees Announced

Eleven individuals hailing from six countries around the world, including Peru, Japan, Brazil, Netherlands, Togo and the US, are being inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame for their pioneering and visionary contributions to the Internet’s global growth, access and security. The 2019 inductees: 

Becoming Broadband Ready Means Community Innovation and Collaboration

Next Century Cities teamed up with the Internet Society and Neighborly to create the Becoming Broadband Ready toolkit. This comprehensive toolkit provides local leaders with a roadmap to encourage broadband investment in their community. While every community will choose to tackle connectivity a little differently – a small island community and a large urban center will likely have unique considerations and approaches – there are many common threads that run through successful broadband projects.

Net Neutrality Legislation: A Framework for Consensus

Since 2004, Federal Communications Commission rulemakings on net neutrality have been caught in a vicious cycle. They have been passed, fought in court, and returned to the FCC with minor (and sometimes major) revisions.

Investing in Indigenous Connectivity Is an Investment in Our Future Online

The newly-released 2018 Indigenous Connectivity Summit (ICS) Community Report shows a strong correlation between Indigenous connectivity and the well-being and sustainability of rural and remote Indigenous communities, especially when solutions are local. The report summarizes outcomes of the 2018 Indigenous Connectivity Summit that brought nearly 140 Indigenous leaders, policy makers, network operators, and community members to the Arctic community of Inuvik, Nrthwest Territories last Oct. Like most New Year’s resolutions, connectivity solutions are neither quick nor cheap.