International Telecommunication Union

ITU elects first woman and other top managers to lead UN agency for technology

The 20th Plenipotentiary Conference of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) elected the first woman to one of five top executive positions in the history of the organization. Member States of ITU, the United Nations specializ

The State of Broadband 2018: Broadband Catalyzing Sustainable Development

A growing number of governments now benchmark the status of broadband in their national broadband plans.

Digital Skills Toolkit

This toolkit provides stakeholders with guidance on developing a digital skills strategy. It is intended for policymakers, along with partners in the private sector, non-governmental organizations, and academia.

The New Privacy Debate: Ensuring Privacy in a 'mixed reality' world

"I’m taking everybody’s privacy away!” Robert Scoble, Entrepreneur in Residence at Upload VR, declared during his Centre Stage debate at Web Summit 2016.

ITU releases annual global ICT data and ICT Development Index country rankings

International Telecommunication Union's flagship annual Measuring the Information Society Report​ reports that the world is getting more and more connected and reveals that there are still huge investment opportunities for the private sector to co

Maximising Access to Broadband

A range of policy options are available to maximize access to broadband and to maximize its benefits. Policymakers must regularly review and revise regulatory frameworks to encourage the development of broadband and ICTs.

2G or Not 2G? Implications for the Digital Divide

An Indian government-funded project to provide 2G mobile coverage to unserved areas in India’s North-East Region received no bids from telecom operators.

Today's Quote 09.30.2016

“Sometimes Europeans see that we have good phones and ask, ‘Why does a refugee have a phone?’ These phones are like our visas. If we lose our phones, we lose our lives.”
-- Boutros, a Syrian refugee

The Broadband Gender Divide Takes Center Stage

The 2016 State of Broadband Report published by the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development offers plenty of good news, data, and insights on the deployment of broadband worldwide and developments in the next generation of mobile broadban

The State of Broadband 2016 Report: Key Questions Answered

On September 15, the United Nations Broadband Commission issued the latest edition of its flagship State of Broadband report, a unique global snapshot of broadband network access and affordability, with country-by country data measuring broadband