Why the California Journalism Preservation Act is putting support of the news ecosystem at risk

A pending bill in the California state legislature, the California Journalism Preservation Act (CJPA), would create a “link tax” that would require Google to pay for simply connecting Californians to news articles. We have long said that this is the wrong approach to supporting journalism. If passed, CJPA may result in significant changes to the services we can offer Californians and the traffic we can provide to California publishers. By helping people find news stories, we help publishers of all sizes grow their audiences at no cost to them. CJPA would up-end that model.

The FCC’s "Broadband Consumer Labels” put customers in control, and that’s a good thing for ISPs

We’re living in the age of broadband internet—internet service providers (ISPs) are announcing major infrastructure investments, committing to fund significant network upgrades and building new high speed service in communities across the country. At the same time, the federal government is also investing unprecedented amounts to support the deployment of broadband in underserved areas.

300 Mbps internet service is now available for Affordable Connectivity Program participants at no cost

Google Fiber is now offering 300 Mbps for $30 a month to customers who are participating in the Federal Communication Commission's Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) program. With the $30 subsidy, this plan is available at no cost to Google's ACP customers.

Introducing GFiber Labs

GFiber Labs is a new hub dedicated to innovating internet technology and services with specific attention to boosting broadband speed to the home, focusing on "reliability, service, and access." Google Fiber plans to partner with other companies, strategic vendors, and early adopters in the lab and the field. Additionally, the lab will work on fiber networking within the home and conduct network testing outside of that environment in real markets to augment the products and services it's working on in the lab, said Google Fiber Vice President of Technology, Operations, and Product John Keib