Not so fast: Wireless industry urges FCC to move carefully in restricting access to Chinese equipment

The Federal Communications Commission wants to prohibit US companies from using its Universal Service Fund (USF) to buy equipment that could pose "a national security threat to the integrity of communications networks or the communications supply

Consumer groups rally for smaller Priority Access Licenses

A group of entities calling themselves the Public Interest Spectrum Coalition (PISC) [including the Benton Foundation] is urging the Federal Communications Commission to stick to its original rules for the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) f

Real-time, high-speed sports betting is the best use case for 5G

[Commentary] In a report on the topic, the analysts at New Street Research laid out a pretty compelling argument for how ISPs will be able to cash in on real-time sports betting by providing high-speed links to gamblers looking for an edge. “Placi