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Fiber to the Home near-explosive growth

From Brazil to Italy to Canada, even the most reluctant carriers are now building, including Deutsche Telekom and British Telecom. Credit Suisse believes that for an incumbent, “The cost of building fibre is less than the cost of not building fibre.” 20% growth is common. Telefónica Spain has passed twenty million premises - over 70% - and continues at two million a year. Telefónica Brazil is going from seven million in 2018 to ten million in 2020. China has 328 million connected and added 5M in the month of June.

50 Million Chinese Fiber Home Connections Added in 2015. 130M Total, Unbelievable But True.

120 million Chinese households have fiber home connections, more than the entire rest of the world. That's actual connections (including businesses), not availability or homes passed. The Chinese government decided a few years ago that a faster Internet was good for the country. They made it so, with the cooperation of government-controlled carriers.