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Mass Priorities Looks To Shift Town Spending Through Targeted Ads; But Who Are They?

Mass Priorities is the group calling on local governments to prioritize improvements in water quality, education, and bridge infrastructure over investments in government-owned broadband networks. It is making its message known with a half-million-dollar, three-month advertising barrage, which kicked off on October 31. What is not clear, though, is where the freshly launched group got its money. The Mass Priorities website says that it is a project of the Domestic Policy Caucus, which Policy Director Christopher Thrasher confirmed.

Promise Of High-Speed Fiber-Optic Network For Cape Cod Resurfaces

Verizon is looking to install a high-speed, fiber-optic network on Cape Cod, focusing first on unspecified, underserved areas. Ellen Cummings, Verizon’s regional director of state and governmental affairs, made the announcement at a meeting hosted by the Cape Cod Technology Council. Cummings was asking for the council’s support in applying for a portion of millions in federal funds to help pay for the project.

Comcast Affirms Commitment To Affordable Internet Program

From an unnamed Comcast public relations officer: The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) program is an important opportunity to connect more Americans to broadband than ever before and to close the digital divide, and we’ve been working hard to get the word out locally. The programs were implemented with incredible speed by both the government and private companies, and while some bumps in the road were expected, we are working to address issues as soon as possible. We have worked consistently to simplify the processes for consumers while keeping the proper checks and balances in place.

Tapping Internet Discounts For Lower-Income Households

Comcast’s entry-level internet service was not fast enough for Lia Moniz’s two schoolkids, so she upgraded to a faster connection that costs her more than $80 a month. A new Comcast offer, Internet Essentials Plus (IEP), has the potential to make Moniz’s internet free. IEP has the most bang for the buck. It offers speeds up to 100 megabits per second downstream and 10 megabits up, with free cable modem and Wi-Fi hot spot rental, for $29.95 a month. This is covered by the $30 Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) benefit, so on the bottom line, it’s free.