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State of Digital Inequity: Civil Society Perspectives on Barriers to Progress in our Digitizing World

A digital equity framework with five broad elements: Infrastructure, Affordability, Digital Skills, Policy, and Content. A global research study of over 7,500 civil society organizations (CSO), highlights include:

Strategy for Equity in the Awarding of Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act Broadband Grants for the Lower Rio Grande Valley

I am pleased to provide the following recommendations for the Lower Rio Grande Valley for a regional strategy to gain equitable access to federal broadband funding under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).

2022 Indigenous Connectivity Summit: Calls to Action

Each year, the Indigenous Connectivity Summit (ICS) brings together Indigenous leaders, network operators, and policymakers to nurture a continent-wide community dedicated to enhancing the capacity of Indigenous communities to connect to affordable, sustainable internet on their terms. As part of this effort, each year since the first ICS in 2017, delegates have developed and endorsed a set of recommendations that, if adopted by governments and other stakeholders, will help advance connectivity in Indigenous communities in Canada and the US.

Investing in Wave 7 — a community-focused broadband provider expanding high-speed internet in rural North Carolina

Connect Humanity has closed its first investment, in Wave 7 Communications, which will enable hundreds of unconnected people to gain access to the internet for the first time.

Financing mechanisms for locally-owned internet infrastructure

Across the world, a growing number of community networks, municipal networks, and social enterprises are successfully connecting those who have historically been unserved or underserved by traditional internet service providers. This report analyzes the operating models and financing mechanisms that can support the success of these community connectivity providers (CCPs). It is designed to help those who build and fund broadband infrastructure to identify and support sustainable solutions that can expand connectivity and accelerate digital equity. The report explores:

Funding to Bridge the Digital Divide: U.S. Philanthropic Giving to Digital Equity Causes

Analysis demonstrates that philanthropic organizations in the US have given little--less than 1% of overall giving by large foundations--to digital equity funding. Funding barriers may be overcome with greater participation of US institutional philanthropic giving to digital equity. Other key takeaways include:

A strengthened Community Reinvestment Act must advance digital equity

A group of organizations and individuals committed to digital equity wrote a letter to US Bank Regulatory Agencies urging them to modernize the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA).

Connect Humanity Announces Build Better Broadband Initiative

Connect Humanity, in partnership with Entrypoint Networks and Biarri Networks, announced the 'Build Better Broadband' program to provide Broadband Master Plan grants for communities seeking to solve their broadband gaps. The Build Better Broadband program will be providing grants for Broadband Master Plan, feasibility network designs, and proforma financial modeling for up to 5 communities. These deliverables are essential to establishing a plan to bridge the digital divide for your community.