President Trump Comments On FCC Chairman Pai

President Donald Trump took part in an event celebrating Diwali Nov 13 at the White House alongside several administration officials. During the ceremony, President Trump teased Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai, who was in the room. "I just didn't like one decision he made but that's all right," President Trump said as he was introducing Pai, potentially referencing Pai's decision on a merger between Sinclair and Tribune Media. "Not even a little bit. He's independent," President Trump joked, as the group of administration officials behind him laughed.

'News deserts' leave voters hungry for news and information ahead of midterms

Americans living in "news deserts" with few or no local news outlets may be in a bind now that it's time to vote in the midterm elections. Fewer and fewer reporters are employed by the papers that typically cover community and state-level races. More and more of the papers are going out of business altogether. As a result there is less vetting of candidates and more confusion about what's even on the ballot. Americans have new tools in their hands -- cell phones with access to Facebook and other websites -- but social networks don't fill the void left by local reporters.

Twitter bans more InfoWars accounts

Twitter removed more than a dozen accounts affiliated with the fringe right-wing media organization InfoWars. A Twitter spokesperson said the company permanently suspended 18 accounts, in part, for attempting to help InfoWars and its founder, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, circumvent the ban Twitter placed on them in Sept by posting material related to the media organization. The 18 suspensions came after "numerous violations and warnings."