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Will this new Congress be the one to pass data privacy legislation?

Will this new Congress be the one to pass data privacy legislation? So far the Senate has done the most visible work. And, with a variety of stakeholders contributing input, will this be enough to bring about passage?

The Supreme Court and House Democrats breathe new life into net neutrality

The activities of the past week have reshaped the future of network neutrality and the strategy for protecting that future.

Farm and food policy innovations for the digital age

We urgently need to rethink public policy interventions to help countries navigate opportunities and challenges linked to digital advances in the food economy. The promise of digital disruption in agriculture is enormous.

Can social media help build communities?

In a new paper, we explore the extent to which community-building is possible on social media platforms, particularly on issues where partisanship has forced many Americans to choose sides on politically charged issues. The paper, presented at the

Broadband subscriptions are up, but too many households are still disconnected

Over the past four years, the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) has asked households whether they have access to the Internet “using a broadband (high speed) Internet service such as cable, fiber optic, or DSL service…” The answer

The real 5G “race” is to serve all Americans

Sept 28 will see a White House rally to promote US leadership in fifth generation (5G) wireless technology. There is no doubt that 5G is an important step forward for wireless technology that will benefit consumers and drive economic growth.

Closing the digital and economic divides in rural America

This photo essay confirms that rural areas like Staunton (VA) are in critical need of high-speed broadband networks for economic and talent development, especially as access to technology has become the lever to avert the expected outcomes of pove