Broadband Connects America

Federal Communications Commission Urged to Guide Consumers on Map Challenge

Broadband Connects America (BCA)—a coalition of diverse national, state-based, and local nonprofit organizations, as well as state agencies—asked the Federal Communication Commission for guidance on how consumers can challenge broadband created through the Broadband Data Collection Program. During the availability challenge process for the Broadband Data Collection maps, the FCC said consumers may file a challenge asserting that the “reported speed [is] not offered.” However, it is unclear how consumers can actively participate in this facet of the challenge process.

Rural Broadband Advocates to the FCC: Expedite a New Broadband Deployment Report

In a letter to Acting Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel, rural broadband advocates expressed concern with the FCC's 2021 Broadband Deployment Report and sought the expedited launch of a new proceeding for a new report. The advocates faulted the report's reliance on faulty data, an outdated benchmark for what constitutes broadband, and ambiguity for constitutes deployment in a “reasonable and timely fashion.”