T-Mobile Tweaks Sprint Deal Rationale as Opponents See Problems

T-Mobile is offering a revised rationale for buying Sprint, a turn that critics say is a sign the carrier’s earlier arguments weren’t winning over US officials who can bless or kill the deal.

George Soros' Open Society Foundations slams Facebook, calling it ‘active in promoting’ hate and misinformation

Billionaire George Soros’ philanthropic network ripped into Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg after the New York Times reported that the social media company pushed to involve the financier’s name to discredit its critics.

Sprint is throttling Microsoft's Skype service, study says

Sprint has been slowing traffic to Microsoft’s internet-based video chat service Skype, according to new findings from an ongoing study by Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts.

House Democrats to Spotlight Net Neutrality, Broadband Access

“We plan to put the consumer first by pushing policies that protect net neutrality, promote public safety, and provide meaningful privacy and data security protections that are seriously lacking today,” said Rep.

UK targets tech giants with a digital services tax that would start in 2020

The United Kingdom is targeting the likes of Alphabet and Facebook by introducing a digital services tax that aims to raise about $500 million a year for the government.