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Reactions to the FCC's 2019 Broadband Deployment Report

Here's the reaction to the FCC's 2019 Broadband Deployment Report.

Is T-Mobile+Sprint Gonna Happen?

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai has recommended the agency approve T-Mobile’s $26 billion acquisition of Sprint, following a set of

Reactions to Chairman Pai's Recommendation for Approval of T-Mobile/Sprint Merger

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai announced his support on May 20 for approval of T-Mobile’s $26.5-billion takeover of Sprint, following reported concessions made by the two carriers. Reactions:

House Communications Subcommittee FCC Oversight Hearing

As expected, the Democratic leaders on the House Communications Subcommittee used the Federal Communications Commission oversight hearing to hammer FCC Chairman Ajit Pai over policies and actions with which they strongly disagree. In his opening s

Senate Commerce Committee to Markup Broadband Bills May 15

The Senate Commerce Committee will convene on May 15 to consider two broadband bills:

An Update on Broadband Bills in the 116th Congress

While some may be preoccupied with the Save the Internet Act (the net neutrality legislation), it’s not the only broadband bill in town.

57 Rural WISPs File Letter in Support of EBS Filing Windows

Nearly five dozen rural, wireless internet service providers (WISPs) signed letters sent to the Federal Communications Commission to "express [their] enthusiastic support for the Commission to make available new Educational Broadband Service (EBS)

Protect Privacy in Maine

I worked on the Federal Communications Commission’s 2016 Broadband Privacy Rules, upon which L.D. 946, An Act to Protect Privacy of Online Customer Personal Information, is based. I urge the Joint Committee and the legislature to pass L.D.

Net Neutrality Bill Clears House of Representatives for the First Time Ever

On April 10, 2019, in a 232-to-190 vote divided along party lines, the House of Representatives voted to approve the Save the Internet Act (HR 1644).