High-speed broadband timetable slips in UK

Author: Daniel Thomas
Coverage Type: reporting
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

A key target for the UK government’s rollout of superfast broadband will be missed this year, raising doubts about ambitions to build a national high-speed network by 2015.

Superfast broadband has been put at the top of the digital agenda by the coalition, with a target to become the most advanced in Europe in three years. Access to high-speed internet networks is seen as an economic and social catalyst, in particular for those working and living in more remote areas. However, in a week that saw government strategy criticized by the House of Lords for its overemphasis on speed to the detriment of coverage, the Financial Times has learnt that the timetable for local authorities seeking to use the government procurement process for rural broadband projects has been set back by three months at least. Furthermore, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport website shows that close to 30 of the 45 local authority and devolved areas covering the UK have not yet begun procurement and those with knowledge of the process have said that the delay could be longer, given the time it takes to tender contracts to private sector suppliers.


THE UK Government is on target to fail in England. This is the area where BDUK (Broadband Delivery UK) plays paper shuffle and surveys. I feel that the Government believe that they have done enough for the largest slice of population. Part of the UK, Northern Ireland is more or less complete with superfast broadband, Wales is planned and signed up for 96% and Scotland is well on target given its population. These are the other 3 Countries of the United Kingdom who also have the advantage of having their own government. Someone to speak up for them.

Just to let you know what Tavistock is about, they are not in any funding nor on any roll-out plan to date. We have to look to BT Investment but as time rolls on, this is coming to an end. So whatever speed and averages the UK boast about, underlying are areas such as Tavistock that have very standard broadband. The speeds have just been made better by making the fast faster (Ultrafast).

Tavistock Super... on August 9, 2012 - 9:36am.



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