When we say we’ll do something, we mean it!: T-Mobile CEO Lays Out Merger Concessions

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As we’ve made our case for the New T-Mobile, we’ve been listening to the Federal Communications Commission and many others. We submitted a set of commitments to the FCC around the New T-Mobile to address what we’ve heard. Ultimately, the commitments are about our shared goal to put the US at the forefront of 5G innovation, driving massive economic growth, helping bridge the Digital Divide, creating more competition, and of course, giving consumers and businesses more for less.

  • 5G Deliverables In three years, we’ve committed that the New T-Mobile will cover 97% of the US population with 5G on low-band spectrum and 75% of the population with 5G on mid-band spectrum. That will grow to 99% of the US population covered with low-band 5G in six years and 88% with mid-band 5G. We also established milestones to cover 85% of rural America with 5G on low-band spectrum in three years and 90% in six years. Within three years of closing, New T-Mobile will deliver 50 Mbps or higher to two-thirds of the rural population and 100 Mbps or higher to over half the rural population. 
  • In-home broadband We’ve also made clear commitments around in-home broadband (minimum speeds of 25 Mbps/3Mpbs, average speeds above 100 Mbps downlink, competitive service pricing, no router charge, no installation charge, no contract). The number of supported rural households will be approximately 300,000 more within three years and approximately 400,000 more within six years. Within three years of closing, New T-Mobile will market the in-home service to 9.6 million eligible households, of which at least 2.6 million are rural household. Within six years of closing, New T-Mobile will market its in-home broadband service to at least 28 million eligible households, of which 5.6 million are rural.
  • Divestiture of Sprint's Boost pre-paid business to a third party
  • Same or Better Prices The New T-Mobile will deliver the same or better rate plans at the same or better prices for three years. And that includes 5G. 

[John Legere is CEO of T-Mobile US]

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