US Consumer Privacy Bill Blueprint

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This framework for US privacy legislation outlines clear rules of the road for entities using personal data, details strong rights for people who interact with those entities, and gives the FTC effective authority to make and enforce these rules as technologies evolve. In general, it is designed to shift more of the burden to safeguard personal data from users to companies, and to alleviate the burden on individuals. Ultimately, privacy, security, and data protection are well-served when policy is based upon a comprehensive framework of protections rather than solely technology or sector-specific regulations. Mozilla supports privacy and data protection laws around the world, and the United States has fallen behind on providing similar protections. Core elements of the proposal:

  • A duty of care towards people whose personal data is collected or used by an entity
  • Data minimization requirements for data that's no longer necessary for the purpose it was collected
  • Purpose limitations that require granular consent for data use and onward transfer
  • Clear FTC authority and resources for rulemaking, investigation, and enforcement

U.S. Consumer Privacy Bill Blueprint