Trump's FCC chief is right to roll back net neutrality rule

Source: Hill, The
Author: Paige Agostin
Coverage Type: op-ed
Americans for Prosperity, 2111 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA, 22201, United States

[Commentary] Title II regulations have come at the expense of consumer benefits. Until earlier in 2017, under the guise of network neutrality, the Federal Communications Commission was investigating wireless companies for providing service plans that allowed unlimited streaming using certain platforms. The practice is sometimes called “zero rating” and it allows consumers to get some data, such as music and videos, without it counting toward their data caps. Most consumers would call that a benefit. Chairman Ajit Pai ended the investigation, and predictably major carriers began announcing new unlimited data plans.

When the government stops meddling, freedom and competition abound and the consumer benefits. To top it all off, the disruption caused by Title II was completely unnecessary. The rules were premised not on actual harms or market failures, but on potential harms that might materialize. This mindset of preemption plays on fear. It is the opposite of permissionless innovation and highlights federal bureaucrats’ tendency to overreach. In this case, they believe regulations developed for 1930s monopolies are appropriate to rule the technology of the future. Those who truly care about an open internet and increasing broadband deployment, innovative technologies and services, competition and consumer choice, will be happy to see the end of Title II.

[Paige Agostin is a senior policy analyst at Americans for Prosperity.]


Paige Agostin does NOT understand Title II or basic high school economics. How on earth did she become a senior policy analyst at Americans for Prosperity.

The ZERO=rating by ISPs of ISP owned streaming vendors violates U.S. laws already.

i.e. AT&T ZERO-rating DirectTV happens now and is illegal. America was NOT started by ordinary people but the wealthiest and most educated as would obviously NOT include Paige Agostin or "Americans for Prosperity".

CurtisNeeley on May 8, 2017 - 7:58pm.


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