Senator Inhofe places hold on FCC Commissioner O'Rielly nomination

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Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Jim Inhofe (R-OK) announced he has placed a hold on the nomination of Federal Communications Commissioner Michael O'Rielly for another term until Commissioner O’Rielly publically commits to vote to overturn the current Ligado Order. Chairman Inhofe said, "Over the past few months, I have sent letters, held hearings and called countless officials to highlight what we all know to be true: the FCC’s Ligado Order is flawed and will lead to significant harm to our military and the thousands of individuals and businesses that rely on GPS. The Trump administration understands this and has urged the FCC to reconsider the Ligado Order...I understand that O’Rielly has stated that he would give ‘due consideration to a stay’ ‘based on new data or evidence’ – but that isn’t enough. This isn’t just about our military, but all users of GPS are united in opposition. All of America can’t be wrong, and he understands that. I need his commitment in plain English to vote to overturn the order, not just consider it, before I will allow his nomination to proceed.” 

Inhofe to Hold FCC Commissioner Nomination