Reps Clarke, Curtis Speak On Eagerness for 5G Breakthrough

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House Commcerce Committee Vice Chair Yvette Clarke (D-NY) and Rep John Curtis (R-UT) spoke at The Hil event titled "Boundless: Building a 5G World". They touted the potential benefits from emerging 5G technology, but warned that Congress must act quickly in a bipartisan fashion before the US falls behind. "We've got to remember to keep 5G nonpartisan, because the moment it becomes owned by a single party, then that's when it loses,” said Rep Curtis. “There's no doubt in my mind that we can work together to get a bill like this through," Rep Curtis added about legislation to facilitate the buildout of 5G infrastructure. Vice Chair Clarke spoke about the importance of Congress passing the Airwaves Act, which would require the Federal Communications Commission to grant new broadcast licenses for specified spectrum bands, freeing up the airwaves for the new 5G wireless broadband standard.

Lawmakers eager for 5G breakthrough