Rep. Nunes suses newspaper chain, alleges 'character assassination'

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Rep Devin Nunes (R-CA) filed a $150 million lawsuit against the McClatchy Company, alleging "character assassination" by the newspaper chain, which owns The Fresno Bee in his home state. Rep Nunes claimed in a Virginia state court that Republican consultant Liz Mair conspired with McClatchy reporter MacKenzie Mays to spread smears and falsehoods, including an allegation the congressman "was involved with cocaine and underage prostitutes" during a 2015 charity yacht party. “If you’re out there and you lied and you defamed, we are going to come after you,” Rep Nunes said.  McClatchy said they stood by the paper's reporting. “With the limited opportunity we have had to review this claim, it is wholly without merit and we stand behind the strong reporting of The Fresno Bee,” a McClatchy spokeswoman said. 

Nunes sues newspaper chain, alleges 'character assassination'