Reactions to President Trump's Intent to Nominate Jessica Rosenworcel For FCC Commissioner

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On June 13, President Donald Trump announced his intent to nominate Jessica Rosenworcel to serve as a Member of the Federal Communications Commission. Her nomination must still be sent to the Senate and confirmed there, but that is expected to happen without incident.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai: “I congratulate Jessica Rosenworcel on the announcement that President Trump will nominate her to serve another term on the Federal Communications Commission. She has a distinguished record of public service, including the four-and-a-half years we worked together at this agency, and I look forward to working with her once again to advance the public interest.”

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn: “I congratulate Jessica Rosenworcel on the announcement of the President's intent to nominate her to return as a Commissioner on the Federal Communications Commission. Jessica has been a tireless advocate for bridging the “homework gap,” a leader in the effort to modernize our 9-1-1 call centers, and a champion for freeing up more unlicensed spectrum. I look forward to working with her in the fight for an open internet, affordable broadband and strong consumer privacy protections."

FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly: “I appreciate the president announcing his intent to nominate my friend, former Commissioner Rosenworcel, for a new term at the Commission. If the Senate confirms her nomination, she will bring her expertise, insight and thoughtfulness to communications issues. I look forward to the prospect of returning to work with her on these matters.”

Adrianne Furniss, Benton Foundation Executive Director: “Benton is happy to hear that Jessica Rosenworcel could return to the Federal Communications Commission. As a commissioner, Rosenworcel was a leader on a number of issues. She worked to give new meaning to the FCC’s public safety mandate in the Digital Age. She helped modernize the E-rate program to ensure that all students have access to the latest education tools made possible by fast, affordable broadband. She recognized that those students also need reliable, robust broadband access at home so they can complete school assignments. Rosenworcel’s experience and leadership make her an ideal candidate to help shape the future of telecommunication policy.”

Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John Thune (R-SD): "Sen. [John] Thune is pleased to see Jessica Rosenworcel’s nomination moving forward," said a spokesman for the Senate Commerce Committee. "While the Commerce Committee does not yet have the necessary paperwork to act on her nomination, in deciding how to proceed, the committee will be seeking more information about the status of the administration’s efforts to nominate a qualified candidate for the remaining vacancy at the FCC. The committee also expects Rosenworcel’s nomination will allow stalled bipartisan telecommunications legislation, including the MOBILE NOW Act, to pass the Senate and advance to the House of Representatives."

Senate Commerce Committee Ranking Member Bill Nelson (D-FL): “Hallelujah, better late than never. The Senate should now move quickly to confirm her and fulfil the promise that was made two years ago.”

Michael Copps, Former FCC Commissioner and special advisor to Common Cause: "Few people have ever walked through the doors of the Federal Communications Commission with as much knowledge, experience, and good judgment as Jessica Rosenworcel. I know from personal experience that she is among the most capable ever to hold the title of Commissioner, and her return to the Commission could not come at a more propitious time. With the Open Internet, media localism, and diversity all under threat, the public interest has never needed a public interest servant of her caliber so acutely. I urge Congress to confirm her with dispatch."

Public Knowledge President Gene Kimmelman: “We congratulate Jessica Rosenworcel and look forward to working closely to promote competition and fairness to all Americans. At a time when we face enormous challenges to prevent the FCC from undermining fundamental consumer protections, we are pleased that Senate Minority Leader Schumer and his colleagues indicate a commitment to fight for competition, protecting consumers’ pocketbooks and consumers’ rights by promoting nominees who will support our cause.”

Free Press President Craig Aaron: "We welcome Commissioner Rosenworcel's return to the FCC. She is one of the most knowledgeable commissioners ever to serve at the agency. She has a strong record of standing up for the public interest and ensuring the FCC has the legal authority it needs to stand up to the powerful industries it is supposed to monitor. We hope this renomination means the political games around her appointment are over and that she will soon be back at the commission to resist the efforts of Chairman Pai to dismantle so many of her major accomplishments."

AT&T senior EVP Bob Quinn: “AT&T is pleased that President Trump took action to ensure that the FCC will once again benefit from Jessica Rosenworcel’s considerable intellect. Her service as Commission Staff, Congressional Staff and FCC Commissioner provides a depth of experience and expertise rarely matched that will serve her well as she continues to be a leading voice on communications policy.”

American Cable Association President Matt Polka: "ACA praises President Trump for announcing his intent to nominate Jessica Rosenworcel to a new term at the Federal Communications Commission. Her experience in communications law and regulation and her diligence in working through the issues are truly impressive. ACA looks forward to working with Commissioner Rosenworcel at this critical time in the quest to ensure that all Americans have access to affordable, high-performance broadband. Upon her official nomination, ACA encourages the Senate to confirm her quickly."

NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association CEO SHirley Bloomfield: “NTCA, our membership and myself personally, congratulates Jessica Rosenworcel on being renominated to the FCC. In her initial tenure at the FCC and during her distinguished career as a key congressional and FCC staffer, she was a leader for the technology industry and a champion for consumers. She knows firsthand the importance of broadband to bring advancements in healthcare, education, public safety and economic development to rural America. We are pleased for the opportunity to work with her again once she is confirmed and to pursue our shared interests in ensuring sustainable and affordable broadband access for all Americans."

Robert McDowell, chief public policy advisor for Mobile Future and a former FCC commissioner: “I'm delighted that my friend and former colleague will be renominated to serve on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Commissioner Rosenworcel is a true intellectual who is always thoughtful and thorough in the pursuit of her duties. She brings strong experience and insight to the Commission and is a dedicated public servant who works to implement policies she believes best serve the public interest. Commissioner Rosenworcel will serve with distinction and new found energy after her hiatus. Mobile Future supports her renomination and confirmation and looks forward to working with her and the FCC around policies that will ensure our nation’s mobile future continues to drive innovation, job creation, competition, and economic growth.”

USTelecom CEO Jonathan Spalter: “Jessica Rosenworcel is a committed public servant and USTelecom is grateful that her work on behalf of consumers and innovators alike can continue at the Federal Communications Commission. I’ve personally worked with Commissioner Rosenworcel on a number of issues over the years, including the ‘homework gap’ and closing the digital divide, and I’ve always been impressed by her intellect, her integrity and her commitment to encouraging continued investment in our nation’s broadband networks and increasing choice and opportunities for consumers. USTelecom and its members will consider it a great privilege to continue to work with her on these important issues, and we encourage the Senate to confirm her nomination swiftly."

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