President Trump widens his attacks on media by going after information gatekeepers

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President Donald Trump has a penchant for ganging up on the "mainstream media," but lately his attacks have spread to ganging up on any information gatekeeper — from Big Tech platforms to newscasters on his favorite network. His ire lately has turned toward Sunday political shows, specifically. Last weekend he tweeted multiple times about the "Fake News Sunday Political Shows," even calling out Fox's own Chris Wallace for interviewing Mayor Pete Buttigieg. And, the White House launched a new tool recently that will allow any US citizen to submit a complaint if they think they were unfairly censored on social media platforms. The administration has pushed to undermine key White House press traditions that are meant to bring more information to the public, such as not holding a press briefing in weeks and taking away press passes from journalists. CNN's Oliver Darcy says part of the strategy is to make Americans in the middle of the country think that they're under attack by elitist institutions. "They're out to censor your ideas, you're under attack, and they're using that, effectively, fear mongering."

Trump bullies the refs