Network neutrality talks resume without FCC (updated)


Apparently, network neutrality discussions between industry stakeholders resumed August 18 in Washington (DC). The Federal Communications Commission is not involved in the talks. "While we're not involved in these new discussions, we're glad that there is ongoing dialogue," said FCC spokeswoman Jen Howard. The lobbyist-led talks at the Information Technology Industry Council offices include NCTA, Verizon, AT&T and Skype. Microsoft and Cisco have joined as well. The Open Internet Coalition (OIC), which took part in the previous discussions, did not attend.


"Today's meeting is the first in a series of focused discussions, with ITI serving as facilitator, aimed at developing Internet openness principles that can achieve broad cross-sector support," said Dean Garfield, president of ITI, in a statement. "Over the last few months, much work has been directed at developing such a solution—including by Google—with significant positive steps forward."

Google did not participate in Wed's talks.

Network neutrality talks resume without FCC Lobbyists Resume Talks on Internet Traffic (WSJ)