Nebraska Senator Aims to Break Down Siloes, Open Up Data

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A Q&A with Nebraska State Senator Dan Watermeier (R-Syracuse). State Sen. Dan Watermeier doesn’t have the kind of professional foundation most people would consider “technology-savvy.”

He’s a farmer by trade. But don’t let his background in agriculture fool you -- State Sen Watermeier is very much up on the latest tech trends and how they are going to impact the Cornhusker State’s future.

State Sen Watermeier explained his focus is on developing policy that enables Nebraska state departments to become more efficient through data-sharing and other high-tech amenities. And while he’s aware of some of the bigger national tech issues such as drone use and data privacy, he’s a firm believer in modernizing his state’s operations through technology before tackling other subjects.

Among other projects in innovation and data sharing between government agencies, the senator mentioned an upcoming next-generation 911 study that’s being done by the Nebraska Public Service Commission. He sees his biggest tech policy challenge in data security.

Nebraska Senator Aims to Break Down Siloes, Open Up Data