Mobile Network Experience Report January 2020

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Opensignal released its Jan 2020 Mobile Network Experience: USA Report. Verizon claimed the top position in three of seven categories, holding onto the award for Video Experience. AT&T was close behind with wins in two categories, including Download Speed, and a tie with T-Mobile for Voice App Experience. While Sprint missed out on awards this time, it still scored a big gain in its users' Video Experience – jumping almost 17% in just six months.  And all four operators are delivering extremely high levels of 4G Availability – over 90 percent. Verizon has been dueling with T-Mobile over the 4G Availability award for the past year but in this report Verizon was victorious scoring a 95.9% rating, which is just slightly ahead of T-Mobile’s score of 95.4%.

Mobile Network Experience Report January 2020 Verizon and AT&T Lead the Pack with awards in Six of Seven Categories (Press release) Report: AT&T and Verizon Provide Best Mobile Service Experience (telecompetitor)