It’s time to rethink how we cover President Trump

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[Commentary] The challenge for the coverage of Trump in 2018: How do we retake the agenda from this man who so hungers for attention, and how do we tell stories in a way that reflects the scale and sweep of the moment we’re in?  

I think the answer likely lays in the seams between more conventional approaches to reporting: I want to see more first-person pieces by reporters on the trail, some oral histories, some theoretical what-ifs. Let’s not leave the most truthful storytelling to fiction writers or dodgy book writers. This is an extraordinary moment, and it requires a new, proactive urgency to tell the story of this presidency as we see it, rather than fall into the swirl of familiar tropes and outrages. But we’re never going to do it if we continue to follow the lead of our dear leader, who needs us nearly as desperately as we apparently need him.

It’s time to rethink how we cover Trump