Internet Association backs 'national' data privacy approach

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The Internet Association, a group representing more than 40 major internet and technology firms including Facebook, Amazon, and Alphabet, said it backed modernizing US data privacy rules but wants a national approach that would preempt CA's new regulations that take effect in 2020. The Internet Association said, "internet companies support an economy-wide, national approach to regulation that protects the privacy of all Americans." The group said it backed principles that would ensure consumers should have "meaningful controls over how personal information they provide" is used and should be able to know who it is being shared with. Consumers should also be able to seek deletion of data or request corrections or take personal information to another company that provides similar services and have reasonable access to the personal information they provide, it said. The group also told policymakers they should give companies flexibility in notifying individuals, set a "performance standard" on privacy and data security protections that avoids a prescriptive approach and set national data breach notification rules.

Internet Association backs 'national' data privacy approach IA Privacy Principles For A Modern National Regulatory Framework (Internet Association)