Inside Andrew Yang's (Anti-Tech) Campaign

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Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is both of the tech world and one of its harshest critics. Viewed from a great distance, Yang’s candidacy has a lot in common with the two political comets that streaked across the 2016 presidential campaign: Donald Trump on the right and Bernie Sanders on the left. Yang runs essentially the same playbook: embracing economic grievance, hammering the tech giants and other darlings of the ‘new economy,’ selling his case directly to the working American. Unlike Trump and Sanders, however, Yang, 44, comes precisely from the same corporate, tech-soaked world he is trying to attack.” Yang’s big policy proposal is universal basic income, called the “freedom dividend,” which would give every American adult a guaranteed monthly $1,000 check. According to Yang, it would be paid for at least in part by taxing big corporations. “We’re going to extract billions of dollars from Jeff,” he said, referring to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Inside Andrew Yang's (Anti-Tech) Campaign Is Andrew Yang for Real? (Politico)