Google: Still no plans to bring Fiber to New York

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A Google Fiber job posting in New York City has a bunch of tech news sites excited about the prospect of Google bringing its fiber Internet service to the Big Apple.

But Google says there are no such plans.

"We're entirely focused on building out our networks in Kansas City, Austin, and Provo, and on exploring the possibility of bringing Fiber to the 34 locations we announced in February," a Google spokesperson told Ars. Google recently announced that it chose nine metro areas around the country for potential Fiber deployments.

The closest ones to New York City are Raleigh-Durham in North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia.

New York City already has fiber in the form of Verizon FiOS, and Google has focused mostly on underserved areas where municipal officials are willing to provide expedited permitting and other perks. There are still millions of Americans without broadband, so there are plenty of areas where Google Fiber is needed.

Google: Still no plans to bring Fiber to New York