GAO Report: Info on LPTV, FCC's Spectrum Incentive Auction, and Unlicensed Spectrum Use

Coverage Type: research
Government Accountability Office (GAO), 441 G St., NW, Washington, DC, 20548, United States

The US Government Accountability Office was asked to review the possible effects of the auction on low power television (LPTV) and translator stations and their viewers. This report examines: (1) LPTV and translator stations and how the Federal Communications Commission's incentive auction might affect their viewers, (2) selected stakeholders' views on actions FCC has proposed to mitigate the possible effects of the auction on such stations, and (3) selected stakeholders' views on the expected outcomes of preserving a vacant television channel for unlicensed use. GAO reviewed relevant FCC proceedings and comments associated with those proceedings; surveyed a non-generalizable sample of 330 LPTV and translator station representatives with available e-mail addresses; and interviewed officials from FCC and industry stakeholders selected to represent various types of organizations, such as broadcast industry associations and technology companies. GAO provided FCC with a draft of this report. FCC's technical comments have been incorporated.



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