The Future of Wireless: A Vision for US Leadership in a 5G World

If the Federal Communications Commission approves my proposal in July, the United States will be the first country in the world to open up high-band spectrum for 5G networks and applications. And that’s damn important because it means US companies will be first out of the gate. We will be repeating the proven formula that made the United States the world leader in 4G. It’s a simple formula: Lead the world in spectrum availability, encourage and protect innovation driving competition, and stay out of the way of technological development. By opening up higher-frequency bands, we are making available more licensed spectrum for mobile than in the cumulative history of mobile spectrum allocation. And we’re not done.

As a part of our July 14 action, we also plan to ask for comments on opening up other high-frequency bands. And, what we’ll be considering on July 14 is not just licensed spectrum. Unlicensed will continue to play a critical role in future 5G networks. Our plan proposes making a massive 14 gigahertz unlicensed band. Consider that – 14,000 megahertz of unlicensed spectrum, with the same flexible-use rules that has allowed unlicensed to become a breeding ground for innovation.

The Future of Wireless: A Vision for US Leadership in a 5G World FCC's Wheeler Puts Pedal to 5G Metal (Broadcasting&Cable) This one step by the government may unlock the untapped speed and power of mobile technology (Washington Post)