Free Basics protects net neutrality

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[Commentary] In every society, there are certain basic services that are so important for people’s wellbeing that we expect everyone to be able to access them freely. We have collections of free basic books. They’re called libraries. They don’t contain every book, but they still provide a world of good. We have free basic healthcare. Public hospitals don’t offer every treatment, but they still save lives. We have free basic education. Every child deserves to go to school. And in the 21st century, everyone also deserves access to the tools and information that can help them to achieve all those other public services, and all their fundamental social and economic rights. That’s why everyone also deserves access to free basic Internet services.

If we accept that everyone deserves access to the Internet, then we must surely support free basic Internet services. That’s why more than 30 countries have recognized Free Basics as a program consistent with network neutrality and good for consumers. Everyone deserves access to the Internet. Free basic Internet services can help achieve this. Free Basics should stay to help achieve digital equality for India.

[Mark Zuckerberg is founder and chairman of Facebook]

Free Basics protects net neutrality Zuckerberg compares free internet services to public libraries and hospitals (The Verge)