Five things to know about 5G

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5G, short for fifth generation, aims to deliver much faster wireless for mobile users and spur new innovation for internet-connected devices. Here are five things to know about the new technology.

  1. The industry is promising remarkable new advances.
  2. For Washington, 5G is a national security matter: Lawmakers and regulators clearly see 5G as vital to both the nation’s economy and national security.
  3. 5G deployment will take years and massive investments.
  4. A regulatory fight is brewing: On Sept 26, the Federal Communications Commission will vote on a proposed rule that would limit how much cities and local communities could charge companies for installing the many small cells needed for 5G deployment. The proposal is kicking off what might be the first major regulatory battle in the 5G rollout.
  5. There are 5G skeptics: Municipal groups like the US Conference of Mayors, which threatened to sue over the rule, are worried federal officials are trying to prevent them from overseeing 5G deployments in their own communities. There are also concerns about whether 5G technology will be fully deployed in poorer communities. “I would say the consequence of this and other mindless deregulation is that it's just going to perpetuate the digital divide and make it even worse,” said Harold Feld, a senior vice president at Public Knowledge.

Five things to know about 5G 5G brings promise of innovation tinged with conflicts (The Hill)