The FCC Should Preserve Broadband Access for All Schools

Author: Tom Wheeler
Coverage Type: speech
Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program, One Dupont Circle, NW, Washington, DC, 20036-1133, United States

Until we see otherwise, we should take the Trump Federal Communications Commission at its word that it’s serious about improving the E-Rate program rather than cutting the number three federal aid to education program (like the Trump budget proposes for number one and number two). But those who propose changes must do what any 10th grader would do: their math homework. So, for this homework assignment, let’s ask four questions.

First, what would be the financial impact on rural schools?
Second, how would per-pupil allocations affect the access of rural schools to fiber?
Third, how would the proposals affect current activities?
Fourth, what kind of fiscal deficit for rural schools might be created by this change?

Reform of the E-Rate program has been a huge success for America’s schools and students. Now the people who voted against it are in charge. I hope they do their math homework while remembering their ABCs: Access Benefits Children.


Access benefits children ONLY if this access is continually monitored.
Many searches of the "open nternet" while at school will be searches for porn.
Schools should not provide a wholly new place away from the parents where children can look at the "porn-ter-net" without being supervised.

CurtisNeeley on April 17, 2017 - 11:51am.



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