FCC restarts the clock on AT&T, T-Mobile deal

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The Federal Communications Commission has restarted the informal 180-day clock on the proposed merger between AT&T and T-Mobile. The FCC stopped the informal countdown on July 21, saying that AT&T had indicated it had revised its models to support the merger’s approval.

In a letter, the FCC said it had “received AT&T’s answers to our specific questions as well as AT&T’s confirmation that it believes our record is complete with respect to the models.” “Our understanding is that, unless specifically prompted by a request from the Commission or the Department of Justice, AT&T will not be submitting any further revisions to the models,” wrote Rick Kaplan, head of the FCC’s wireless telecommunications bureau. Friday, Aug. 26, is Day 83 of the informal 180-day time frame set aside for the agency’s review.

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