FCC must set strong net neutrality rules to protect innovation

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[Commentary] It is imperative that all Americans have access to a truly free and open Internet. I strongly support network neutrality.

Network neutrality is about preserving a free and open Internet ecosystem, where consumers can access new products and ideas, and have an open market for new innovations. There should be no “gatekeepers,” or toll roads. More important, it’s about the idea that anyone can use the Internet to make his or her voice heard.

Allowing deals for prioritization could easily be used to favor some content at the expense of others and be used as a barrier to entry for a small startup without the resources to buy access to an Internet fast lane.

I agree that we need open Internet rules that encourage companies to compete for customers without striking special deals. I am hopeful the FCC will propose a set of rules that will truly preserve an open and free Internet that spurs innovation and protects consumers.

All Americans that care about the future of the open Internet should share their views with the FCC. The agency needs to hear from you about why the Internet must remain a platform for innovation and free expression.

FCC must set strong net neutrality rules to protect innovation