The Email That Created A Movement

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When sexism happens on the Internet or in a high-profile setting, Rachel Sklar usually gets a “bat signal” in the form of an e-mail, text, or hashtag alert.

If a high-profile company event lacks female representation, she goes if she can. Someone just made a biased statement about women or diversity? Don’t worry. She’s on it.

Sklar, a former lawyer who writes about media, politics, culture, and tech, became the poster-woman for gender equality when she created the hashtag #changetheratio.

The effort was in response to a 2010 New York magazine story about tech entrepreneurs that featured mostly men. After noting that one of the few women in the photos had her face obscured by the startup owner’s foot as he was being held upside down, “I just thought that was a problem,” she says.

The Email That Created A Movement