Comcast Launching Two New Hispanic Networks

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Comcast, which agreed to launch a series of independent and minority-owned networks to get its acquisition of NBCUniversal approved, said it will be distributing Hispanic-oriented Primo TV and Kids Central when they go on the air in January. With Comcast’s backing, the new networks will try to get other cable operators to carry them. Comcast will pay an undisclosed sub fee to the networks. A precise number for how many homes will get the channels was unavailable. Kids Central, an English-language network aimed at bicultural Hispanic viewers ages 3-7, is owned by Condista Networks. In primetime, the network will have a block of programming aimed at families.

Kids Central will provide both English and Spanish-language video on demand content. Primo TV is an English-language network designed to appeal to bicultural Hispanic viewers ages 6 to 16. It is owned by V-Me Media, which already programs networks including V-Me and V-Me Kids. Programming will feature animated shows, adventure programming and series emphasizing science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM.

Comcast Launching Two New Hispanic Networks Comcast Announces Agreements With Two New Hispanic American-Owned Independent Networks (Comcast)