Coalition Of Groups Embraces Broadband Reclassification


A broad coalition of nonprofit groups have written Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski reiterating their support for his efforts to reclassify some aspects of broadband as a telecommunications service in order to ensure the agency has authority over broadband providers.

The letter, sent June 29, was signed by representatives from 150 groups including Color of Change, Common Cause, Free Press, the National Organization for Women, NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Network, and others, many of which are local groups scattered throughout the country. The groups said that reclassifying broadband is essential to giving the FCC the authority to bar broadband providers from discriminating against Internet content in the wake of April's federal appeals court decision that found the commission overstepped its authority when it enforced network neutrality principles against Comcast.

Coalition Of Groups Embraces Broadband Reclassification Free Press, NTEN, NOW and 150 Nonprofits and Allies Express Unwavering Support for Net Neutrality in Letter to FCC (coalition press release) Letter (read the letter)