Chairman Pai: Caller ID Authentication Necessary for Consumers in 2019

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai reiterated his call for a robust caller ID authentication system to combat illegal caller ID spoofing. The Chairman recently asked the nation’s largest carriers to provide details about their caller ID authentication plans and he has called for implementation to take place in 2019. On Nov 5, 2018, Chairman Pai demanded that the phone industry begin providing caller ID authentication for consumers in 2019. In response, phone companies—including wireless companies, traditional landline providers, and tech companies offering VoIP—outlined their plans. While some carriers committed to rollout these services in the coming months, others hedged, citing concerns that other carriers appear to have already addressed. Chairman Pai believes that wireless providers, interconnected VoIP providers, and telephone companies should make real caller ID authentication (the SKAKEN/STIR framework) a priority and believes that major carriers can meet his 2019 goal. "I applaud those companies that have committed to deploy the SHAKEN/STIR framework in 2019. This goal should be achievable for every major wireless provider, interconnected VoIP operator, and telephone company—and I expect those lagging behind to make every effort to catch up. If it appears major carriers won’t meet the deadline to get this done this year, the FCC will have to consider regulatory intervention,” said Chairman Pai.

Chairman Pai: Caller ID Authentication Necessary for Consumers in 2019 FCC chairman warns of ‘regulatory intervention’ as he criticizes carriers’ anti-robocall plans (Vox)